This topic describes how to create a Log Service result table in Realtime Compute for Apache Flink.

  • This topic applies only to Blink 1.4.5 and later.
  • Log Service result tables support only fields of the VARCHAR type.

What is Log Service?

Log Service is an end-to-end data logging service that is developed by Alibaba Cloud. Log Service allows you to collect, consume, ship, query, and analyze log data in a quick manner. It improves the operations and maintenance (O&M) efficiency and provides the capability to process large amounts of log data. Log Service stores streaming data. Therefore, Realtime Compute for Apache Flink can use Log Service tables as result tables for the processing of streaming data.

DDL syntax

In Realtime Compute for Apache Flink, you can use Log Service to store output data. The following code shows an example.
create table sls_stream(
 `name` VARCHAR,
 age BIGINT,
 birthday BIGINT
Note We recommend that you use the storage registration feature of Log Service. For more information, see Register a Log Service project.

Parameters in the WITH clause

Parameter Description Required Remarks
endPoint The endpoint of Log Service. Yes Endpoints
project The name of a project. Yes N/A.
logstore The name of the table in the database. Yes N/A.
accessId The AccessKey ID that is used to access Log Service. Yes N/A.
accessKey The AccessKey Secret Yes N/A.
topic An attribute field. No This parameter is empty by default. You can use the selected field as the topic attribute field.
timestampColumn An attribute field. No This parameter is empty by default. You can use the selected field as the timestamp attribute field. The data type of this parameter must be INT. If no field is selected, the current time is used as the attribute field.
source An attribute field. The source of a log entry. For example, the value of this field can be the IP address of the server where the log entry is generated. No This parameter is empty by default. You can use the selected field as the source attribute field.
partitionColumn The partition key column. No This parameter is required if the mode parameter is set to partition.
flushIntervalMs The interval at which data writing is triggered. No Default value: 2000. Unit: milliseconds.
reserveMilliSecond Specifies whether to reserve the millisecond component in a value of the TIMESTAMP data type. No Default value: false. This value indicates that the millisecond component is not reserved.
Note This parameter is available in Realtime Compute for Apache Flink V2.2.6 and later.

Data type mapping

The following table describes the mapping between the data types of Log Service and Realtime Compute for Apache Flink. We recommend that you declare the mappings in a DDL statement.

Data type of Log Service Data type of Realtime Compute for Apache Flink

Sample code

The following sample code demonstrates how to create a Log Service result table in a Realtime Compute for Apache Flink job.
CREATE TABLE random_input (
  b VARCHAR) with (
    type = 'random'

create table sls_output(
 a varchar,
 b varchar

INSERT INTO sls_output
FROM random_input;


Q: How do I specify the topic field in a Log Service result table?

A: You can specify the topic field as a field in the result table. For example, specify topic='age' in the sample code. After the configuration is complete, the value of the age field is written into Log Service but Log Service does not write the age field into the downstream storage systems.