This topic provides the DDL syntax that is used to create a blackhole result table, describes the parameters in the WITH clause, and provides sample code.

What is a blackhole result table?

A blackhole result table is a built-in connector of the system. If an error is returned when you create a result table of another type, but you cannot determine whether it is caused by a system error or an invalid setting of a parameter in the WITH clause of the result table, you can change the value of connector to blackhole and click Run. If no error is returned, the system is normal. You must check the settings of parameters in the WITH clause.


Only Flink that uses Ververica Runtime (VVR) 2.0.0 or later supports blackhole connectors.

DDL syntax

create table blackhole_sink(
  name VARCHAR,
  score BIGINT
) with (
  'connector' = 'blackhole'

Parameters in the WITH clause

Parameter Description Required Remarks
connector The type of the result table. Yes Set the value to blackhole.

Sample code

CREATE TEMPORARY table datahub_source(
  name VARCHAR
) with (
  'startTime'='2018-06-01 00:00:00'

CREATE TEMPORARY table blackhole_sink(
  name  VARCHAR  
) with (
  'connector' = 'blackhole'

INSERT INTO blackhole_sink
from datahub_source;