This topic describes the major features of Blink 3.2.1 and its compatibility with the DataStream API and SQL.

Major features

Blink 3.2.1 is the first official version based on the Blink open source code. Blink 3.2.1 offers the following major features:
  • Job AutoScale

    Blink 3.2.1 implements the automatic optimization feature by using automatic configuration and automatic scaling. The automatic optimization feature dynamically adjusts the parallelism settings and resources of each operator based on the job running status and amount of input data. This allows you to shorten job delays. In Blink 3.2.1, this feature is in public review.

  • Support for the DataStream API
    • Blink 3.2.1 supports the DataStream API. Blink 3.2.1 is developed based on the open source Flink 1.5.1 branch. For information about the DataStream API compatibility between Blink 3.2.1 and Flink 1.5.1, see API compatibility report: Blink 3.2 and Flink 1.5.1.
    • Connectors newly supported by the DataStream API
      Connector Source Sink
      Kafka Compatible Compatible
      HBase Not compatible
  • Connectors newly supported for SQL jobs
    Besides the connectors supported in Blink 2.0, the following connectors are newly supported in Blink 3.2.1.
    Connector Type
    ES DIM
    MongoDB SINK
    Redis DIM
    Redis SINK
    Message Queue for Apache RocketMQ V4.2.0 SOURCE
    SQL Server SINK