Flink Serverless is integrated with ActionTrail. You can view and retrieve logs of user behaviors in ActionTrail. You can also use ActionTrail to deliver the logs to Log Service or a specified OSS bucket to meet requirements such as real-time auditing and problem backtracking.

ActionTrail logs for Flink Serverless operations

Event name Description
AppendVswitchId Adds a vSwitch.
CheckAsiLeftResource Checks the volume of remaining resources.
CheckNameSpaceName Checks the name of a namespace.
CheckUserVSwitch Checks a user vSwitch.
CheckUserVpc Checks the VPC parameters.
CheckVirtualClusterName Checks the name of a cluster.
CreateNameSpace Creates a namespace.
CreateServiceLinkedRole Creates a service-linked role.
DeleteNameSpace Deletes a namespace.
DescribeAvailableCidr Queries available CIDR blocks.
GetClusterUsedCu Queries the number of CUs consumed.
GetClusterState Queries the cluster status.
GetOrderDetails Queries the order details.
ListUserVpc Lists the VPCs of a user.
ListUserVswitch Lists the vSwitches of a user.
ListSupportedZone Lists the supported zones.
ListOssInfo Lists OSS information.
OssParamsCheck Checks the OSS parameters.
RefundAsiOrder Releases a cluster.
ResourceSpec Estimates the resources required to run a Flink job.
SearchOrdersV2 Queries the orders.
UpdateNameSpace Updates namespace configurations.
  • Check for sales events (creation, renewal, and configuration change) in the region where the resources are located.
  • Check for non-sales events in the China (Shanghai) region.

Flink Serverless log example

The following example shows the logs generated when you add a vSwitch to a Flink Serverless cluster:
  "ApiVersion": "2019-06-24",
  "RequestId": "83BB0682-9EBA-402F-8359-26B1676A9EE2",
  "EventType": "ApiCall",
  "UserIdentity": {
    "Type": "root-account",
    "InvokedBy": "",
    "AccountId": "1187xxxxxxxx4544",
    "UserName": "root",
    "PrincipalId": "1187xxxxxxxx4544",
    "AccessKeyId": "TMP.3Ker6WKYHexxxxxxpRuQaM",
    "Arn": ""
  "AcsRegion": "cn-hangzhou",
  "EventName": "AppendVSwitchId",
  "IsBlack": false,
  "RequestParameters": {
    "AcsHost": "foasconsole-share.cn-shanghai.aliyuncs.com",
    "Is4Service": false,
    "ZoneId": "cn-beijing-f",
    "RequestId": "83BB0682-9EBA-402F-8359-26B1676A9EE2",
    "AcsProduct": "foasconsole-inner",
    "InstanceId": "sc_flinkserverless_public_cn-xxxxxxxx",
    "VSwitchIds": "[\\\"vsw-xxxxx\\\",\\\"vsw-xxxxx\\\"]",
    "AcceptLanguage": "zh-CN",
    "RegionId": "cn-shanghai",
    "HostId": "foasconsole-share.cn-shanghai.aliyuncs.com"
  "EventSource": "foasconsole-share.cn-shanghai.aliyuncs.com",
  "ServiceName": "RealtimeCompute",
  "EventTime": "2020-12-01T11:54:59.366+0000",
  "ReferencedResources": {},
  "UserAgent": "realtime-compute.console.aliyun.com",
  "EventId": "83BB0682-9EBA-402F-8359-26B1676A9EE2",
  "ResponseElements": {
    "RequestId": "83BB0682-9EBA-402F-8359-26B1676A9EE2",
    "Result": true,
    "ErrCode": "000000"
  "ErrorCode": "",
  "ErrorMessage": "",
  "EventVersion": "",
  "SourceIpAddress": "100.xx.xx.76"