This topic provides an overview of primary ApsaraDB RDS for MariaDB instance types, including the most recent and earlier instance types. The overview provides the specifications for each instance type.

ApsaraDB RDS for MariaDB

RDS editionInstance familyInstance typeNumber of cores and memory capacityMaximum connectionsMaximum IOPSStorage capacity
RDS High-availability EditionGeneral-purpose instance familymariadb.n2.small.2c1 core, 2 GB2,000For more information, see IOPS.

ESSD of PL1: 20 GB to 32,000 GB

ESSD of PL2: 500 GB to 32,000 GB

ESSD of PL3: 1,500 GB to 32,000 GB

mariadb.n2.medium.2c2 cores, 4 GB4,000
Dedicated instance familymariadb.x2.large.2c4 cores, 8 GB6,000
mariadb.x4.large.2c4 cores, 16 GB8,000
mariadb.x2.xlarge.2c8 cores, 16 GB8,000
mariadb.x4.xlarge.2c8 cores, 32 GB10,000
mariadb.x2.2xlarge.2c16 cores, 32 GB10,000
mariadb.x4.2xlarge.2c16 cores, 64 GB15,000
mariadb.x8.2xlarge.2c16 cores, 128 GB20,000
mariadb.x4.4xlarge.2c32 cores, 128 GB20,000
mariadb.x8.4xlarge.2c32 cores, 256 GB64,000
Dedicated host instance familymariadb.x4.8xlarge.2c56 cores, 224 GB64,000
mariadb.x8.8xlarge.2c56 cores, 480 GB100,000