This topic describes how to sort data based on the selected dimension or measure field.


  • A dashboard is created. For more information, see Create a dashboard.
  • A dataset is selected, and a chart is created.


  1. Go to the dashboard editing page. For more information about how to go to the dashboard editing page, see Create a dashboard.
  2. Click the chart you want to manage. Click the Data tab in the Chart Design pane. Move the pointer over the field based on which you want to sort values and click the 1 icon.
  3. Select Sort from the drop-down list.
    Valid values:
    • Ascend
    • Descend
    • Unsort: clears the sorting for the field.
    • Custom: sorts data based on your business requirements. If you set Sort to Custom, you can drag-and-drop the field to a specified position.
  4. Click Update.