This topic describes how to change the template, skin, and color for the theme of a dashboard.


You have logged on to the Quick BI console and opened the dashboard editing page. For more information, see Create a dashboard.


  1. Click the 1 icon in the top navigation bar.
  2. In the Basic Settings section of the Page Settings pane, configure Official Template and Theme Mode, and select a theme color from the Select drop-down list.
    Parameter Description
    Official Template The official template is selected by default. You can change it to a custom template.
    Theme Mode You can select Light or Dark.
    • If you select Light, the background color of the dashboard is white.

      The default value is Light.

    • If you select Dark, the background color of the dashboard is black.
    Select You can select Business, Classic, or other theme colors.
    Note After you change the theme color, the custom settings of the original theme cannot be restored. We recommend that you save a copy of a customized theme before you change a color for it.