Data analysis is the last mile of data-assisted decision-making. It is used to visualize data and explore data value. An appropriate data display mode can help analysts improve their analysis efficiency.

  • Dashboards: provides nearly 40 types of charts and allows you to easily perform operations on the charts. If you subscribe to Quick BI Enterprise Standard, you can configure metrics in group workspaces to monitor exceptions. Dashboards are suitable for all users who require visualized data analysis.
  • Workbooks: provides more than 400 EXCEL functions. You can use the workbooks feature to analyze various types of EXCEL reports. Workbooks are suitable for users who are familiar with EXCEL operations.
    Note The workbooks feature is supported in group workspaces of Quick BI Pro and Quick BI Enterprise Standard.
  • BI portals: provides a set of menus used for thematic analysis. A BI portal incorporates analysis data of a specified topic so that users can quickly locate the required analysis data.

Data analysis flowchart