The following tables list the API operations available for use in PrivateLink and provide references.


API Description
OpenPrivateLinkService Activates PrivateLink.
CheckProductOpen Queries whether PrivateLink is activated.

Regions and zones

API Description
DescribeRegions Queries regions.
DescribeZones Queries zones in a specified region.

Endpoint services

API Description
CreateVpcEndpointService Creates an endpoint service.
UpdateVpcEndpointServiceAttribute Modifies an endpoint service.
GetVpcEndpointServiceAttribute Queries the details of an endpoint service.
ListVpcEndpointServices Queries endpoint services.
DeleteVpcEndpointService Deletes an endpoint service.
DescribeRegions Queries regions.
DescribeZones Queries zones in a specified region.

Service whitelists

API Description
AddUserToVpcEndpointService Adds account IDs to the whitelist.
ListVpcEndpointServiceUsers Queries the whitelist of an endpoint service.
RemoveUserFromVpcEndpointService Removes account IDs from the whitelist of an endpoint service.

Service resources

API Description
AttachResourceToVpcEndpointService Adds a service resource to an endpoint service.
ListVpcEndpointServiceResources Queries the service resources that are added to an endpoint service.
DetachResourceFromVpcEndpointService Removes a service resource from an endpoint service.


API Description
CreateVpcEndpoint Creates an endpoint.
UpdateVpcEndpointAttribute Modifies an endpoint.
GetVpcEndpointAttribute Queries the details of an endpoint.
ListVpcEndpoints Queries endpoints.
ListVpcEndpointServicesByEndUser Queries the endpoint services that can be associated with the endpoints created by the current account.
DeleteVpcEndpoint Deletes an endpoint.

Endpoint connections

API Description
EnableVpcEndpointConnection Accepts connection requests from an endpoint.
UpdateVpcEndpointConnectionAttribute Modifies the maximum bandwidth of an endpoint connection.
ListVpcEndpointConnections Queries endpoint connections.
DisableVpcEndpointConnection Rejects the connection request from an endpoint.

Endpoint zones

API Description
AddZoneToVpcEndpoint Adds a zone for an endpoint.
ListVpcEndpointZones Queries zones of an endpoint.
RemoveZoneFromVpcEndpoint Deletes a zone from an endpoint.

Security groups

API Description
AttachSecurityGroupToVpcEndpoint Associates an endpoint with a security group.
ListVpcEndpointSecurityGroups Queries the security group with which an endpoint is associated.
DetachSecurityGroupFromVpcEndpoint Disassociates an endpoint from a security group.