This topic describes multiple states of PolarDB clusters.

State Description
Creating The cluster is being created.
Running The cluster is running.
Deleting The cluster is being released.
Deleted The cluster has been deleted.
Rebooting The cluster is being restarted.
NS_MAINTAINING The cluster is under maintenance.
Switching The service is failing over from the primary node to a read-only node.
DBNodeCreating A node is being added.
DBNodeDeleting A node is being deleted.
ClassChanging The node specifications are being changed.
NetAddressCreating The endpoint is being created.
NetAddressDeleting The endpoint is being deleted.
NetAddressModifying The endpoint is being modified.
MinorVersionUpgrading The kernel version of the cluster is upgrading.
STORAGE_EXPANDIN The disk capacity is expanding.
UPGRADE_FORBIDDEN The upgrade is temporarily prohibited.
TRANSING The cluster is being migrated across zones.
SSL_MODIFYING The SSL certificate is being enabled or disabled.
TDEModifying The TDE feature is being enabled.
CONFIG_SWITCHING The configurations of the custom cluster endpoint is being modified.
ROLE_SWITCHING The role of the custom cluster endpoint is being switched.