This article describes the details of components of the AWR report.

Report metadata

Report metadata includes the header table and report body.

  • The header table contains information such as the unique identifier of the database cluster and the reporting time period.
  • The report body consists of two-layered tabs.
    • Component tab: can only be database.
    • Instance tab: the unique identifier of a physical instance. Each primary or read-only node has a separate tab.

Basic information

The basic information includes database metadata, database status, operating system metadata, and database monitoring data summary.

The monitoring data summary is divided into load-related, memory-related, and storage-related data, which varies based on resource bottlenecks. The load-related data includes the same key metrics as Oracle such as DB Time and DB CPU.

Table of contents

After monitoring data summary is generated, a table of contents is displayed for you to view the data.

Performance trends

For key resource metrics, fine-grained trends are provided for troubleshooting. We recommend that you view the types of long-waiting events before further troubleshooting.

Detailed data

Trend charts can only represent limited data in a relatively simple way. More detailed data is provided in a summary table, such as the monitoring data of independent modules, top SQL statements, top tables, and top indexes.

Configuration information

Snapshots of database parameters and key operating system parameters are provided.