This topic describes the request syntax for the PolarDB-X 1.0 API, including the endpoints, protocols, and request methods.


The following table lists the endpoints for the PolarDB-X 1.0 API in different regions.

Region Endpoint
China (Hangzhou)
China (Shanghai)
China (Qingdao)
China (Beijing)
China (Hohhot)
China (Shenzhen)
China (Zhangjiakou-Beijing Winter Olympics)
China (Hong Kong)
Singapore (Singapore)
US (Virginia)


You can send requests over HTTP or HTTPS. We recommend that you use HTTPS for enhanced security.


You can use the HTTP GET method to send requests. The request parameters must be included in the URL of the request.

  • Endpoint: the endpoint of the PolarDB-X API operation. For more information, see Endpoints.
  • Action: the name of the operation being performed. For example, to query tables in a PolarDB-X database, you must set the Action parameter to DescribeTables.
  • Version: the version of the API. Set the value to 2019-01-23.
  • Parameters: the request parameters for the operation. Separate multiple parameters with ampersands (&).

    Request parameters include both common parameters and operation-specific parameters. Common parameters are used for all API calls regardless of the operation. For more information, see Common parameters.

Request parameters

The action to be performed must be specified in the Action parameter of each request. Each operation request must include common request parameters and the specific request parameters of the operation that you call.

Character encoding

All requests and responses are encoded in UTF-8