PolarDB-X 1.0 introduces a DDL execution engine that is used by the DRDS instances of V5.3.12 or later to support the DDL task management feature. This feature allows you to view the status of DDL execution tasks, resume the failed DDL tasks, and roll back the failed DDL tasks.

Concepts related to DDL task management

Before you use the DDL task management feature, we recommend that you understand the following concepts:

  • DDL task: a task that corresponds to the process of executing a DDL statement.
  • Management statement: an SQL statement that is specific to PolarDB-X 1.0 and is executed to view or manage DDL tasks.
  • Task ID: the unique identifier of a DDL task. A task ID is a 64-bit long signed integer.
  • Task status: the status of a DDL task.

For more information about the syntax of task management statements and how to use these statements, see Job management statements.