Term Description
trajectory point The spatio-temporal object that consists of the spatial location and attributes of a moving object at a time point. The spatial location can be represented by 2D or 3D coordinates. The attributes support multiple fields of different types.
trajectory object The high-dimensional object that consists of a series of trajectory points and events, including time, space, attributes, and events.
trajectory timeline The time value sequence of a trajectory object.
trajectory spatial The spatial geometry object of a trajectory object, which is of the linestring type.
trajectory leaf The spatial location of a moving object (which is a trajectory point) at a time point.
trajectory attributes The attributes of a moving object at different trajectory points, such as the velocity and direction.
trajectory attribute field The attribute field of a trajectory object, such as the velocity field. The number of values of an attribute field is the same as the number of trajectory points.
trajectory field value The value of a trajectory attribute field at a time point.
trajectory events The events that occur in a trajectory, such as refueling, breakdown, and car lock events in the trajectory of a car. A trajectory event consists of the event type ID and event time.
Figure 1. Trajectory object