This topic describes the extensions that are supported by Apsara PolarDB. Apsara PolarDB is compatible with Oracle.

Apsara PolarDB continuously updates its kernel to support new extensions or extension versions. To view the supported extensions, run the following statement:
show polar_supported_extensions;
Note If the kernel versions of clusters are earlier than 20191030, you can upgrade the kernels to the latest version by using the one-click upgrade feature. Then, you can use the supported extensions. The one-click upgrade feature is not available for general users. To use this feature, you must submit a ticket.
To view your kernel version, run the following statement:
show polar_release_date;

The following table describes the extensions that are supported by kernel version 20191030. The table also lists the latest extension versions.

Extension Latest version Description Compatible extension Latest version
appendchildxml 0.0.1 Appends a user-supplied value onto the target XML. The value functions as the child of the node that is indicated by an XPath expression. N/A N/A
btree_gin 1.3 Provides general-purpose Generalized Inverted Indexes (GINs). N/A N/A
btree_gist 1.5 Provides general-purpose Generalized Search Tree (GiST) indexes. N/A N/A
citext 1.5 Provides a case-insensitive character string type. N/A N/A
cube 1.4 Provides a data type that represents multidimensional cubes. N/A N/A
dict_int 1.0 Provides a dictionary template for full-text search. The dictionary template is designed for number indexing. N/A N/A
earthdistance 1.1 Provides two methods of calculating great circle distances on the surface of the Earth. N/A N/A
fuzzystrmatch 1.1 Provides functions that determine the similarities between strings. N/A N/A
hstore 1.5 Provides a data type that can be used to store sets of key-value pairs. N/A N/A
index_advisor 1.0 Provides index recommendations. N/A N/A
intagg 1.1 Provides an enumerator and integer aggregator. N/A N/A
intarray 1.2 Provides functions and operators that manipulate linear arrays. You can also perform indexed searches by using specific operators. N/A N/A
isn 1.2 Provides data types for the international product numbering standards. N/A N/A
ltree 1.1 Provides a data type for the data that is stored in a hierarchical tree-like structure. N/A N/A
pg_buffercache 1.3 Provides a method of checking the shared buffer cache in real time. N/A N/A
pg_prewarm 1.2 Provides an easy way to perform prewarming on table data. N/A N/A
pg_stat_statements 1.6 Provides a method of tracking the statistics of all SQL statements that have been executed. N/A N/A
pg_trgm 1.4 Provides functions and operators that determine the similarities of ASCII alphanumeric text. The similarities are determined based on trigram matching. N/A N/A
pg_wait_sampling 1.1 Collects the sampling data of wait events. N/A N/A
pgcrypto 1.3 Provides cryptographic functions. N/A N/A
pgrowlocks 1.2 Provides a function that returns row locking information for a specified table. N/A N/A
pgstattuple 1.5 Provides functions that return tuple-level statistical data. N/A N/A
plperl 1.0 Provides the PL/Perl procedural language that can be used to create functions. N/A N/A
plpgsql 1.0 Provides the PL/pgSQL procedural language that can be used to create functions. N/A N/A
pltcl 1.0 Provides the PL/Tcl procedural language that can be used to create functions. N/A N/A
polar_anydata 1.0 Provides the ANYDATA data type. N/A N/A
polar_gtt 1.0 Provides functions that can be used to manage global temporary tables. N/A N/A
sqlprotect 1.0 Provides the SQL firewall feature. N/A N/A
sslinfo 1.2 Provides the information about the SSL certificate that is provided by the current client. N/A N/A
tablefunc 1.0 Supports functions that return tables, such as the crosstab function. N/A N/A
unaccent 1.1 Provides a text search dictionary that removes diacritic signs from lexemes. N/A N/A
uuid-ossp 1.1 Provides functions that generate universally unique identifiers (UUIDs). N/A N/A
polar_cyclechecker_noticer 1.0 Reports an error if the result set of the CONNECT BY multi-clause contains cycle data. N/A N/A
ganos_geometry 2.3 Provides geography and geometry data types. postgis 2.5.0
ganos_raster 2.3 Provides geographic raster data types. postgis 2.5.0
ganos_geometry_sfcgal 2.3 Creates geometry 3D models. postgis_sfcgal 2.5.0
ganos_geometry_topology 2.3 Creates a geometry topology. postgis_topology 2.5.0
ganos_tiger_geocode 2.3 Provides the TIGER geocoding service. postgis_tiger_geocode 2.5.0
ganos_address_standardizer 2.3 Provides the address standardization service. address_standardizer 2.5.0
ganos_address_standardizer_data_us 2.3 Provides the address standardization service. You can use this extension to format and standardize American addresses. address_standardizer_data_us 2.5.0
ganos_networking 2.3 Finds the optimal path in a geometric network diagram. pgrouting 2.6.2
ganos_pointcloud 2.3 Provides data storage and computing services for the point cloud. N/A N/A
ganos_trajectory 2.3 Provides data types for moving objects. N/A N/A

If you want to use other extensions, submit a ticket.