The storage is used to store cluster data files, index files, log files, and temporary files. Log files include online logs and archived logs. This topic describes the billing and pricing for storage resources.

Note After you purchase a PolarDB cluster, the system automatically creates the files that are required for regular database operations. These files include the preceding files and consume some storage.


A serverless architecture is used for storage. Therefore, you do not need to specify the storage capacity when you purchase clusters. The storage capacity is automatically increased when the amount of data increases. You are charged for only the storage that you use. On the Overview page of the cluster, you can view Database Storage Usage. For more information, see View the database storage usage.

  • Mainland China: USD 0.00077/GB/hour.
  • China (Hong Kong) and regions outside China: USD 0.00085/GB/hour.
Note The maximum storage capacity of each cluster varies based on cluster specifications. If the storage usage reaches 90%, the system sends SMS messages and emails to you on a daily basis. To increase the maximum storage capacity, upgrade your cluster specifications. For more information, see Change the specifications of a cluster.

Storage plans

If you need to store a large amount of data, such as 1,000 GB or more, storage plans are more cost-effective than the pay-as-you-go billing method. Higher discounts are offered for the storage plans that provide larger storage capacities. For more information, see Purchase a storage plan.

Note Storage plans can be used to deduct the following fees at a specific ratio:
  • Deduct the fees of the storage at a ratio of 1:1. In this case, every 1 GB of the storage plan can deduct 1 GB of storage.
  • Deduct the fees of the storage that exceeds the free quota for level-1 backups at a ratio of 1:1.6. In this case, every 1 GB of the storage plan can deduct 1.6 GB of the storage for level-1 backups.
For more information, see Billing rules of data backups that exceed the free quota.
Table 1. Prices for storage with/without storage plans
Capacity (GB) Mainland China China (Hong Kong) and regions outside China
Without storage plans (USD/month) With storage plans (USD/month) Without storage plans (USD/month) With storage plans (USD/month)
100 56 55

(approximately 1.7% off)

62 61

(approximately 1.6% off)

200 112 109

(approximately 2.7% off)

124 121

(approximately 2.4% off)

300 168 163

(approximately 3.0% off)

186 182

(approximately 2.2% off)

500 280 271

(approximately 3.2% off)

310 302

(approximately 2.6% off)

1,000 560 490

(approximately 12.5% off)

620 550

(approximately 11.3% off)

2,000 1,120 980

(approximately 12.5% off)

1,240 1,090

(approximately 12.1% off)

3,000 1,680 1,210

(approximately 28.0% off)

1,860 1,340

(approximately 28.0% off)

5,000 2,800 2,020

(approximately 28.0% off)

3,100 2,230

(approximately 28.1% off)

10,000 5,600 3,260

(approximately 41.8% off)

6,200 3,630

(approximately 41.5% off)

20,000 11,200 6,510

(approximately 41.9% off)

12,400 7,250

(approximately 41.5% off)

30,000 16,800 9,760

(approximately 42.0% off)

18,600 10,870

(approximately 41.5% off)

50,000 28,000 14,860

(approximately 47.0% off)

31,000 16,550

(approximately 46.6% off)

100,000 56,000 29,720

(approximately 47.0% off)

62,000 33,110

(approximately 46.6% off)