This topic describes how to obtain the percentage of bands for imagery.


float8 ST_Percentile(raster raster_obj,
                     integer band,
                     integer percentage)


Parameter Description
raster_obj The raster object.
band The specified band SNs that start from 0 in a format similar to '0,1-3,6,8'. Double quotation marks ('') indicate all bands.
percentage The percentage of the specified bands for the raster object. You can use ST_BuildPercentiles or ST_ComputeStatistics to obtain the percentage.


SELECT st_percentile(rast_obj, 0, 10)
FROM raster_table
WHERE id = 1;

You can also use ST_Percentile to implement the ST_Quantile feature.
SELECT st_percentile(rast_obj, 0, 25), st_percentile(rast_obj, 0, 50)
FROM raster_table
WHERE id = 1;