PolarDB for Oracle provides the diagnostics feature that integrates some features of Database Autonomy Service (DAS). You can use the Performance Insight feature to rapidly evaluate database loads and identify the root causes of performance issues. This helps you improve the database stability.


The Performance Insight feature supports the following data sources:
  • If performance_schema is enabled for the desired instances, the Performance Insight feature directly collects and analyzes the data stored in performance_schema.
  • If performance_schema is disabled for the desired instances, the Performance Insight feature collects and analyzes the data of active sessions.


  1. Log on to the PolarDB console.
  2. In the upper-left corner of the console, select the region where the cluster that you want to manage is deployed.
  3. On the Clusters page, find the cluster for which you want to enable the autonomy service, and click the cluster ID.
  4. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Diagnostics and Optimization > Diagnosis.
  5. Click the Performance Insight tab.
  6. Click Enable Performance Insight.
    PG/O Page for enabling Performance Insight
  7. In the dialog box that appears, click Confirm.
  8. On the Performance Insight tab, view and manage the following information:
    • In the Performance Trend section, you can specify a time range to view the performance of databases. If you need to view a specific performance metric, such as CPU usage, click Details next to the performance metric name.Performance trends
      Note The duration of the specified time range cannot exceed seven days.
    • In the Average Active Session section, you can view the trend charts of different types of sessions, such as SQL, and the relevant multidimensional details of service loads. This helps you identify the root causes of performance issues.Active sessionsMultidimensional