This topic describes the limits of Apsara PolarDB for Oracle.

Node type Maximum number of files
polar.o.x4.medium 1048576
polar.o.x4.large 2097152
polar.o.x4.xlarge 2097152
polar.o.x8.xlarge 4194304
polar.o.x8.2xlarge 8388608
polar.o.x8.4xlarge 12582912
polar.o.x8.12xlarge 20971520

Maximum number of files: includes user table files, database system table files (approximately 1,000), and log files. An Apsara PolarDB table (non-partition table) occupies three files: data file, visibility map file, and FSM file. Each index indicates a file if indexes are used. The following error message appears when you create a table after the maximum number of files is reached:

could not create file

In this case, you need to delete some tables or upgrade the specifications of your cluster.

Table 1. Other limits
Item Limit
Root privilege of databases PolarDB for Oracle does not support the superuser privilege. Instead, it supports the polar_superuser privilege as a subset of the superuser privilege.