Use the ALTER PROFILE statement to modify a user-defined profile.

PolarDB for Oracle support the following statements:

ALTER PROFILE profile_name RENAME TO new_name;

ALTER PROFILE profile_name
      LIMIT {parameter value}[...] ;

You can use the LIMIT clause and one or more space-delimited parameter-value pairs to specify the rules enforced by PolarDB for Oracle. You can also use ALTER PROFILE...RENAME TO to change the name of a profile.


Parameter Description
profile_name Specifies the name of a profile.
new_name Specifies the new name of the profile.
parameter Specifies the attribute limited by the profile.
value Specifies the parameter limit.


The following example shows how to modify a profile named acctg_profile:

ALTER PROFILE acctg_profile

The profile is used to calculate the number of failed attempts that a logon role has made to connect to the server. The profile specifies that the account is locked for one day if the role has not been authenticated with the correct password during three attempts.

The following example changes the name of acctg_profile to payables_profile:

ALTER PROFILE acctg_profile RENAME TO payables_profile;