The ALL_QUEUES view provides the information about the queues that have been defined.

Parameter Type Description
owner TEXT The username of the owner to which a queue belongs.
Parameter TEXT The name of the queue.
queue_table TEXT The name of the queue table to which the queue belongs.
qid OID The object ID that the system assigns to the queue.
queue_type CHARACTER VARYING The type of the queue. Valid values: EXCEPTION_QUEUE, NON_PERSISTENT_QUEUE, and NORMAL_QUEUE.
max_retries NUMERIC The maximum number of dequeuing attempts.
retrydelay NUMERIC The maximum time allowed between retries.
enqueue_enabled CHARACTER VARYING
  • YES: The queue allows enqueuing.
  • NO: The queue does not allow enqueuing.
dequeue_enabled CHARACTER VARYING
  • YES: The queue allows dequeuing.
  • NO: The queue does not allow dequeuing.
retention CHARACTER VARYING The number of seconds that a processed message is retained in the queue.
user_comment CHARACTER VARYING The user-defined comment.
network_name CHARACTER VARYING The name of the network in which the queue is located.
  • YES: indicates the queue is in a sharded network.
  • NO: indicates the queue is not in a sharded network.