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Object Storage Service:Progress bars

Last Updated:Sep 11, 2023

You can configure a progress bar to display the progress of an upload or download task.

Usage notes

  • In this topic, the public endpoint of the China (Hangzhou) region is used. If you want to access OSS by using other Alibaba Cloud services in the same region as OSS, use an internal endpoint. For more information about the regions and endpoints supported by OSS, see Regions and endpoints.

  • In this topic, access credentials are obtained from environment variables. For more information about how to configure access credentials, see Configure access credentials.

  • In this topic, an OSSClient instance is created by using an OSS endpoint. If you want to create an OSSClient instance by using custom domain names or Security Token Service (STS), see Initialization.


The following code provides an example on how to use a progress bar when you call bucket.put_object to upload an object:

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from __future__ import print_function
import os, sys
import oss2
from oss2.credentials import EnvironmentVariableCredentialsProvider
# Obtain access credentials from environment variables. Before you run this sample code, make sure that you have configured environment variables OSS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and OSS_ACCESS_KEY_SECRET. 
auth = oss2.ProviderAuth(EnvironmentVariableCredentialsProvider())
# Specify the endpoint of the region in which the bucket is located. For example, if the bucket is located in the China (Hangzhou) region, set the endpoint to 
# Specify the name of the bucket. 
bucket = oss2.Bucket(auth, '', 'yourBucketName')
# consumed_bytes indicates the amount of data that has been uploaded. 
# total_bytes indicates the total amount of data that you want to upload. If the length of the data hat you want to upload cannot be determined, the value of the total_bytes parameter is None. 
def percentage(consumed_bytes, total_bytes):
    if total_bytes:
        rate = int(100 * (float(consumed_bytes) / float(total_bytes)))
        print('\r{0}% '.format(rate), end='')
# progress_callback is an optional parameter used to return progress information. 
bucket.put_object('yourObjectName', 'a'*1024*1024, progress_callback=percentage)


For the complete sample code on how to use a progress bar during object upload, visit GitHub.