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Operation Orchestration Service:Status transition diagram

Last Updated:Sep 04, 2019

The initial status of a created execution is Started. It may be converted into multiple statuses before the execution enters a final status. The following figure shows the status transition process.

Status description

Status Status Description
Started Started The execution has been started. After an execution is created, it enters this status immediately.
Queued Queued The execution is waiting in the queue due to the traffic control. In most cases, the executions that you create skip this status and directly enter the Running status.
Running Running The execution is running.
Success Success The execution is completed and the result is successful.
Failed Failed The execution is completed but the result is failed.
Cancelled Cancelled The execution is terminated because it is canceled.
Waiting Waiting The execution is waiting for inputs from external systems.
  • If a trigger action is defined in the template, the corresponding task waits for the trigger to take effect. For example, if a time trigger is defined in the template, the template stays in the Waiting status until the specified time arrives.
  • If an approve action is defined in the template, the corresponding task waits for approval from the user who has the permission to approve the execution.

Note: Final statuses include Success, Failed, and Cancelled. In such statuses, the execution is completed and no subsequent operations will be performed.