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Operation Orchestration Service:Scheduled O&M

Last Updated:Mar 18, 2020


You can use the Scheduled O&M feature of Operation Orchestration Service (OOS) to perform O&M operations at a scheduled time. Currently, you can run each scheduled O&M task once at a specified time or periodically.


  1. Log on to the OOS console.

  2. In the left-side navigation pane, click Scheduled O&M.

  3. In the Set Scheduled Task step, set Scheduled Task Type.

    You can select Executed Once at the Specified Time or Executed Periodically. In this example, set Scheduled Task Type to Executed Once at the Specified Time. Then, select an execution time point and a time zone for the scheduled O&M task.

  4. In the Select Template step, select a public template from the Public Templates list or a custom template from the My Templates list. In this example, a public template is selected.

  5. In the Configure Parameters step, set the parameters as required. The parameter configuration of public templates is the same as that of custom templates.oos

  6. Choose Specify RAM Role and Use Permissions Granted to This Role as the source of executive permission , and select the specific role of RAM OOSAssumeRole.
    In this example OOSAssumeRole is OOSServiceRole. If OOSAssumeRole of your account is not optional , please refer Set RAM permissions for OOS to set permissions RAM. If you already know how to set RAM permissions for OOS services, you can also directly click the blue font in the select operation Manual authorization going to RAM manual authorization policy to quickly complete the setting of RAM permissions.

  7. Click Execute Now.

  8. On the Executions page, view the created execution. If the execution status appears as Waiting, the scheduled O&M task is successfully created.

  9. To view the details about the execution, click Details in the Actions column. On the page that appears, click the Logs tab.