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Operation Orchestration Service:Benefits

Last Updated:Sep 05, 2019

OOS offers an automated operations and maintenance (O&M) service that helps you to standardize, manage, and execute O&M tasks. You can use templates to define O&M tasks and run the tasks. OOS significantly reduces mistakes that occur when O&M tasks are manually executed, increases O&M efficiency, and improves O&M security. This topic describes the benefits of OOS.

Visualized execution processes and results

You can view execution processes and results in the OOS console, including:

  • Input parameters, output parameters, and execution information of tasks
  • Task orders and redirect errors


Free and managed service

OOS provides a managed and serverless O&M service that enables the automatic execution of O&M tasks. O&M tasks can be automatically executed without consuming computing resources such as ECS instances. OOS can meet the O&M requirements of diverse enterprises, such as entrepreneurial enterprises, small- and medium-sized enterprises, and large enterprises. OOS minimizes the effort of enterprises in O&M and allows enterprises to focus on the growth of business.

Efficiency in managing multiple O&M tasks at a time

Managing multiple O&M tasks at a time is more complex than managing a single task. To enhance O&M efficiency, you can use OOS to manage task progress, monitor task status, and locate execution errors.

Superior authentication and verification systems

You can use the Resource Access Management (RAM) service to manage OOS. You can configure access permissions for specific OOS operations and OOS-based O&M operations on other Alibaba Cloud services. With the RAM service, you do not need to worry about the security of operations.

Easy-to-use templates

OOS provides a variety of templates that are easy to use to minimize your effort in creating templates. OOS integrates common O&M operations for popular Alibaba Cloud services to provide easy-to-use templates and improve O&M efficiency. OOS provides public templates for common O&M tasks. You can select a public template and modify the template based on your situation.

Cross-region O&M

An Alibaba Cloud service may be deployed in multiple regions. However, O&M is typically restricted within one region. To resolve this issue, you can use OOS to execute cross-region O&M tasks. You can define a loop task in an OOS template to execute O&M tasks in multiple regions. In the template, you must specify the IDs of the target regions to identify where you want to perform O&M tasks.

Operations as code

OOS provides templates that are used to standardize daily O&M tasks. In OOS, you can manage templates by using code. After you create, verify, and publish a template to complete the specified O&M tasks, you can only select the template to complete the same tasks. OOS ensures the security and unification of O&M tasks, and provides best practices of operations as code.

Delegated authorization

Authorization must be delegated properly to O&M engineers. O&M engineers must be granted required permissions to complete the corresponding O&M tasks. To avoid unnecessary risks, they cannot be granted higher permissions than required to execute unexpected O&M tasks. OOS provides a delegated authorization solution to meet the preceding O&M requirements. When a high-level O&M engineer creates a template, a RAM role can be specified and granted the corresponding permission to use the template. High-level O&M engineers can also grant the permission of executing the template to lower-level O&M engineers.