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Operation Orchestration Service:List of operations by function

Last Updated:Dec 07, 2022
This product(oos/2019-06-01) OpenAPI adopts RPC Signature style, see signature details Description of the signature mechanism. We have packaged SDKs for common programming languages for developers. Developers can directly call the OpenAPI of this product by downloading the SDK without paying attention to the technical details. If the existing SDK cannot meet the usage requirements, you can connect through the signature mechanism. It will take about 5 working days. Therefore, it is recommended to join our service nail group (11370001915) and sign under the guidance of experts.
Before using the API, you need to prepare your identity account and access key (AccessKey) to effectively access the API through client tools (SDK, CLI, etc.). For details see getAccessKey.

Application Management

CreateApplicationCreateApplicationCreates an application.
DeleteApplicationDeleteApplicationDeletes an application.
UpdateApplicationUpdateApplicationUpdates an application.
GetApplicationGetApplicationQueries the details of an application.
ListApplicationsListApplicationsQueries applications.
Application GroupApplication Group
CreateApplicationGroupCreateApplicationGroupCreates an application group.
DeleteApplicationGroupDeleteApplicationGroupDeletes an application group.
UpdateApplicationGroupUpdateApplicationGroupUpdates the information of an application group.
GetApplicationGroupGetApplicationGroupQueries the details of an application group.
ListApplicationGroupsListApplicationGroupsQueries application groups.
DeployApplicationGroupDeployApplicationGroupDeploys an application group.
ContinueDeployApplicationGroupContinueDeployApplicationGroupContinues deploying an application group when an error occurs for calling the DeployApplicationGroup operation.


DescribeRegionsDescribeRegionsQueries supported regions.

State Configuration

CreateStateConfigurationCreateStateConfigurationCreates a desired-state configuration.
DeleteStateConfigurationsDeleteStateConfigurationsDeletes desired-state configurations in batches.
UpdateStateConfigurationUpdateStateConfigurationUpdates a desired-state configuration.
ListStateConfigurationsListStateConfigurationsQueries desired-state configurations.

Patch Management

Patch BaselinePatch Baseline
CreatePatchBaselineCreatePatchBaselineCreates a patch baseline.
DeletePatchBaselineDeletePatchBaselineDeletes a patch baseline.
UpdatePatchBaselineUpdatePatchBaselineUpdates a patch baseline.
GetPatchBaselineGetPatchBaselineQueries the details of a patch baseline.
ListPatchBaselinesListPatchBaselinesQueries the details of patch baselines.
RegisterDefaultPatchBaselineRegisterDefaultPatchBaselineRegisters a default patch baseline.
Patch StatePatch State
ListInstancePatchStatesListInstancePatchStatesQueries patches of an instance.
ListInstancePatchesListInstancePatchesQueries the patches of an instance.


CreateTemplateCreateTemplateCreates a template.
DeleteTemplatesDeleteTemplatesDeletes multiple templates.
DeleteTemplateDeleteTemplateYou can call this operation to delete a template.
UpdateTemplateUpdateTemplateUpdates template.
ListTemplateVersionsListTemplateVersionsQueries the versions of a template.
ListTemplatesListTemplatesQueries templates. Multiple methods are supported to filter templates.
GetTemplateGetTemplateQueries the information about a template including the content of the template.
ListExecutionRiskyTasksListExecutionRiskyTasksYou can call this operation to query high-risk tasks in the execution of a template.
ValidateTemplateContentValidateTemplateContentChecks whether a template is valid.


DeleteExecutionsDeleteExecutionsDeletes multiple executions.
StartExecutionStartExecutionStarts an execution.
UpdateExecutionUpdateExecutionUpdates an execution.
GetExecutionTemplateGetExecutionTemplateQueries the information about the template of an execution, including the content of the template.
ListExecutionsListExecutionsQueries executions, support multiple filter conditions.
ListExecutionLogsListExecutionLogsQueries the logs of an execution.
ListTaskExecutionsListTaskExecutionsQueries task executions. Multiple methods are supported to filter task executions.
ListResourceExecutionStatusListResourceExecutionStatusQueries the information about a scheduled execution that involves O\&M operations on Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances.
CancelExecutionCancelExecutionCancels an execution.
GenerateExecutionPolicyGenerateExecutionPolicyGenerate the policy that the execution required.
NotifyExecutionNotifyExecutionNotifies an execution in the Waiting state of the subsequent operations.
TriggerExecutionTriggerExecutionDebugs a started execution that contains an event trigger task or alarm trigger task. When the operation is called, a message body is sent to the event trigger task or alarm trigger task. After the trigger task receives the message body, the trigger task generates a new child execution.


ListActionsListActionsQueries the available actions, including atomic actions and cloud product actions.

Tag & Resource Group

ChangeResourceGroupChangeResourceGroupChanges the resource group to which a specified cloud resource belongs.
ListTagKeysListTagKeysQueries the keys of created tags.
ListTagValuesListTagValuesQueries the values of created tags.
ListTagResourcesListTagResourcesYou can call this operation to query tags that are attached to one or more resources.
UntagResourcesUntagResourcesYou can call this operation to delete tags that are attached to one or more resources.
TagResourcesTagResourcesYou can call this operation to create tags for one or more resources.


Common ParameterCommon Parameter
CreateParameterCreateParameterCreates a common parameter.
DeleteParameterDeleteParameterDeletes a common parameter.
UpdateParameterUpdateParameterUpdates a common parameter.
GetParameterGetParameterQueries a common parameter and its value.
ListParametersListParametersQueries common parameters. You can set various filters for the query.
ListParameterVersionsListParameterVersionsQueries versions of a common parameter.
GetParametersByPathGetParametersByPathQueries one or more common parameters by path.
GetParametersGetParametersQueries the details of one or more common parameters.
Secret ParameterSecret Parameter
CreateSecretParameterCreateSecretParameterCreates an encryption parameter. Make sure that you have the permission to call this operation.
DeleteSecretParameterDeleteSecretParameterDeletes an encryption parameter. Make sure that you have the permission to call this operation.
UpdateSecretParameterUpdateSecretParameterUpdates an encryption parameter.
GetSecretParameterGetSecretParameterQueries an encryption parameter and its value. Make sure that you have the permission to call this operation.
ListSecretParametersListSecretParametersQueries encryption parameters. You can set various filters for the query.
ListSecretParameterVersionsListSecretParameterVersionsQueries versions of an encryption parameter.
GetSecretParametersByPathGetSecretParametersByPathQueries one or more encryption parameters by path. Make sure that you have permissions to call this operation.
GetSecretParametersGetSecretParametersQueries the details of one or more encryption parameters. Make sure that you have permissions to call this operation.


ListInventoryEntriesListInventoryEntriesQueries the configurations of an Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instance.
GetInventorySchemaGetInventorySchemaQueries the properties of a component.
SearchInventorySearchInventoryQueries all properties or a combination of properties of a component.

Service Settings

SetServiceSettingsSetServiceSettingsEnables or disables the feature of delivering template execution records and sets the storage location.
GetServiceSettingsGetServiceSettingsQueries the settings of the delivery feature.