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SDK overview

Last Updated: Sep 09, 2021

Official support

1.Traffic SDKs

OpenSearch provides Traffic SDKs in two programming languages: Java and PHP.

Programming language






2.Management and Control SDKs

Note: Management and Control SDKs do not support Traffic API operations, such as those for searching, drop-down suggestions, document push, and data collection.

1. Java:




2. Go:

go get

3. Python:

pip install aliyun-python-sdk-opensearch

4. PHP:

composer require alibabacloud/opensearch

Third-party support

Third parties have developed a variety of open source clients based on the API protocol of OpenSearch.

Disclaimer: The following open source clients are developed and maintained by third parties. Use these clients based on your own discretion. The OpenSearch team of Alibaba Cloud does not provide support or guarantee for these open source clients.

1. Timandes/opensearch-php

Programming language: PHP

Contact: Timandes White. Email address:

Source code repository:


  • Support for Composer-based deployment

  • Support for Swoole Coroutine

Custom development

The common API operations of OpenSearch are defined in the OpenSearch API repository in compliance with Swagger 2.0. You can use Swagger Codegen to generate client code in more than 50 programming languages.