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Last Updated:Sep 09, 2021

Benefits of OpenSearch


Alibaba Cloud maintains OpenSearch in 24/7 mode and allows you to seek technical supports by submitting tickets or make phone calls. In addition, OpenSearch has a set of emergency handling mechanisms, such as fault monitoring, automatic alerting, fast troubleshooting, and fast recovery.


Alibaba Cloud assigns AccessKeyIDs and AccessKeySecrets to users to control permissions to access OpenSearch. This ensures data security by isolating data of different users. Data is stored in multiple copies, which prevents user data from being lost during the downtime of machines.

Scalability and high performance

OpenSearch provides a variety of specifications and supports auto scaling. Therefore, you can scale in or out application resources online as needed. OpenSearch uses high-performance servers to ensure the performance of applications and a low query latency of milliseconds.

Easy-to-use and cost-effectiveness

You can create your own search service in a few steps without understanding the implementation details of search engines. You can use built-in templates and resources as needed. This saves the costs of development and operations and management (O&M).

Powerful customization capabilities

OpenSearch supports powerful and flexible customization capabilities, such as application schema, data processing, query analysis, and custom rules for sorting search results in two rounds. These capabilities can meet the complex search needs and accelerate service iterations.

A variety of extended search features (under continuous development)

OpenSearch supports a variety of extended search features, such as hot search keywords, drop-down suggestions, and relevance search. This helps you view and analyze search results.