This topic describes the causes of Object Storage Service (OSS) overdue payments, service suspension, and how to view overdue payments.

Causes of overdue payments

Service suspension

Warning You are notified if your services are about to be suspended due to an overdue payment. To ensure service continuity, renew resource plans at the earliest opportunity.
An overdue payment causes the following changes to the status of your OSS services based on your actions:
  • If you top up your balance within 360 hours, you are not affected by the service suspension.
  • If you fail to pay off all overdue bills within 360 hours, your OSS services are automatically suspended and your bucket list in the OSS console becomes unavailable. However, you are still charged for the buckets that are being used. Consequently, the overdue amount continues to increase. If you pay off all overdue bills within seven days after OSS is suspended, OSS is automatically activated.
  • If OSS is suspended for more than seven days, Alibaba Cloud assumes that you no longer use OSS. Alibaba Cloud terminates the service terms of OSS and no longer provides you with services that are related to OSS. The data in your buckets are deleted. You cannot recover the data. Take note that you are still charged for the data that is stored in OSS before the data is deleted. Therefore, if you no longer use OSS, make sure that all your data that is stored in OSS is deleted.

View overdue payments

  1. Log on to the Billing Management console.
  2. On the Account Overview page, view overdue payments.
    View overdue payments