ossutil allows you to manage Object Storage Service (OSS) data by using command lines on Windows, Linux, and macOS operating systems.

Install ossutil

For more information about how to download and install ossutil, see Download and installation.

Common commands

The following table describes common commands that are supported by ossutil.
Command Description
appendfromfile Appends content to existing append objects.
bucket-encryption Adds, modifies, queries, or deletes encryption configurations for a bucket.
bucket-policy Adds, modifies, queries, or deletes bucket policy configurations for a bucket.
bucket-tagging Adds, modifies, queries, or deletes tagging configurations for a bucket.
bucket-versioning Adds or queries versioning configurations for a bucket.
cat Exports object content to ossutil.
config Creates a configuration file to store information that is required to access OSS.
cors Adds, modifies, queries, or deletes cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) configurations for a bucket.
cors-options Tests whether a bucket allows a specified cross-origin request.
cp Uploads, downloads, or copies objects.
create-symlink Creates a symbolic link.
du Queries the storage usage of a specified bucket, object, or directory.
getallpartsize Queries the size of each part of incomplete multipart upload tasks in a bucket and the total size of these parts.
hash Calculates the CRC-64 or MD5 hash of a local file.
help Queries help information about a command. We recommend that you run the help command to query information about how to run a specified command.
inventory Adds, queries, lists, or deletes inventory configurations for a bucket.
lifecycle Adds, modifies, queries, or deletes lifecycle configurations for a bucket.
listpart Lists the parts generated in an incomplete multipart upload task initiated for an object.
logging Adds, modifies, queries, or deletes logging configurations for a bucket.
lrb Lists the buckets that are located within a region or multiple regions.
ls Lists buckets, objects, or parts.
mb Creates a bucket.
mkdir Creates a directory in a bucket.
object-tagging Adds, modifies, queries, or deletes tagging configurations for an object.
probe Monitors access to OSS. You can also run this command to troubleshoot issues that are caused by network faults or incorrect parameter settings during the upload and download process.
read-symlink Reads the description of a symbolic link.
referer Adds, modifies, queries, or deletes hotlink protection configurations for a bucket.
replication Manages the Cross-Region Replication (CRR) configurations of a bucket.
request-payment Configures the pay-by-requester mode for or queries the pay-by-requester configurations of a bucket.
restore Restores an object from the frozen state to the readable state.
revert-versioning Recovers a deleted object to the most recent version of the object.
rm Deletes buckets, objects, or parts.
set-acl Configures the access control list (ACL) for a bucket or an object.
set-meta Configures the metadata for an uploaded object.
sign Generates a signed URL for an object and shares the signed URL with third parties for downloads or previews.
stat Obtains the description of a specified bucket or object.
sync Synchronizes local files to OSS, OSS objects to local disks, or objects between OSS paths.
update Updates the ossutil version.
website Adds, modifies, queries, or deletes static website hosting, redirection, or back-to-origin configurations for a bucket.
worm Queries the retention policies configured for a bucket.