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:Why does my OSS bucket automatically create objects with a timestamp included in the object names?

Last Updated:Jan 10, 2023

Problem description

Objects whose names include a timestamp are automatically created in an Object Storage Service (OSS) bucket.


The bucket in which these objects are created is the destination bucket for access logs of a logging-enabled bucket. OSS automatically saves all access logs generated for the logging-enabled bucket to the specified destination bucket. For more information, see Logging.


If you want to prevent log objects from being created, identify the logging-enabled bucket by using the names of the log objects. Then, choose Logging > Logging in the navigation tree of the bucket and turn off Logging.


Log objects are stored in the <TargetPrefix><SourceBucketName>YYYY-mm-DD-HH-MM-SS-UniqueString format.

Applicable scope

  • OSS