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:How do I improve the loading speed of OSS cross-domain requests when the loading of OSS cross-domain requests is slow?

Last Updated:Nov 16, 2022


This topic describes the cause of the slow loading of Object Storage Service (OSS) cross-domain requests and the solution to the issue.


A cross-domain request carries the Origin header in the request header to request resources in an OSS bucket. Therefore, the loading speed varies based on the network between the client and the OSS bucket. If the client is in the China (Hong Kong) region and the bucket is in the Chinese mainland, cross-border access is required. We recommend that you use the OSS transfer acceleration endpoint to access the bucket. This accelerates the loading speed. For more information, see Transfer acceleration.


Note: The transfer acceleration feature of OSS can be used to allow users from different regions to transfer data over the optimal network based on their regions. This accelerates data transfer and improves the access experience for users across different regions.

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