There are two types of exceptions in the iOS SDK: ClientError and ServerError.

ClientError indicates parameter and network errors. ServerError indicates abnormal responses from the OSS server.

Error type Error domain Code UserInfo Description Solution
ClientError com.aliyun.oss.clientError 0 OSSClientErrorCodeNetworkingFailWithResponseCode0 The network connection is abnormal. Check the network connection and try again.
1 OSSClientErrorCodeSignFailed A signature failure occurs. For more information about troubleshooting, see FAQ.
2 OSSClientErrorCodeFileCantWrite The object fails to be written to the server. The path of the checkpoint file for upload or download or the path of the object to be download may be invalid. Modify the corresponding path and try again.
3 OSSClientErrorCodeInvalidArgument The parameter is invalid. The parameter format is incorrect. For more information about the parameter format, see API overview.
4 OSSClientErrorCodeNilUploadid The upload ID for the resumable upload task fails to be obtained. Check the parameters. For example, check whether the object metadata is correct. Try again.
5 OSSClientErrorCodeTaskCancelled The task is canceled. Check whether the logic used to cancel the task is correct or whether the network connection is normal.
6 OSSClientErrorCodeNetworkError The network is abnormal. Check the network connection and try again.
7 OSSClientErrorCodeInvalidCRC The CRC check fails. Data is inconsistent during transfer. Check whether the object is modified.
8 OSSClientErrorCodeCannotResumeUpload The resumable upload task fails. The object is modified during upload, causing inconsistency in the size of the object. Do not modify the object during upload.
9 OSSClientErrorCodeExcpetionCatched An exception is captured. Troubleshoot the error based on the specific error information.
ServerError com.aliyun.oss.serverError (-1 * httpResponse. statusCode) dict The directory obtained by parsing the corresponding XML file. An error may occur on the server, causing the server unable to complete the request. For more information about troubleshooting, see Error responses.