You can use gradual display parameters to configure gradual display for source images stored in OSS. This topic describes the parameters and examples to configure gradual display.

When the network environment is poor or the image size is large, the image can be displayed in two ways on the web page:
  • Standard display: loads and displays images row by row from top to bottom.
  • Gradual display: displays the fuzzy outline of the image, and then loads the image gradually until the complete image is displayed.
The gradual display operation applies only to the source images in the JPG format. If the source image is not in the JPG format, you must add the format,jpg parameter to convert the format of the image to JPG.


Operation name: interlace

The following table lists the parameters.

Parameter Description Valid value
[value] Specifies whether to set the image to gradual display. 0 and 1
  • 1: indicates that the source image is set to gradual display.
  • 0: indicates that the source image is set to standard display.


You can process images by using object URLs, OSS SDKs, or API operations. In this example, object URLs are used. For more information about how to use OSS SDKs and API operations to process images, see IMG implementation modes.

The oss-console-img-demo-cn-hangzhou bucket that is located in the China (Hangzhou) region is used as an example. The public endpoint of the image is The images used are example.jpg and panda.png in the root folder.