The OSS SDK for Android provides a convenient synchronous API to check whether the specified object exists in the bucket.

Sample code

The following code provides an example on how to check whether an object named exampleobject.txt exists in a bucket named examplebucket:

try {
     // Specify the bucket name such as examplebucket and the full path of the object such as exampledir/exampleobject.txt. The full path cannot contain the bucket name. 
    if (oss.doesObjectExist("examplebucket", "exampledir/exampleobject.txt")) {
        Log.d("doesObjectExist", "object exist.");
    } else {
        Log.d("doesObjectExist", "object does not exist.");
} catch (ClientException e) {
    // Handle client exceptions, such as network exceptions. 
} catch (ServiceException e) {
    // Handle service exceptions. 
    Log.e("ErrorCode", e.getErrorCode());
    Log.e("RequestId", e.getRequestId());
    Log.e("HostId", e.getHostId());
    Log.e("RawMessage", e.getRawMessage());