A bucket is a container for objects stored in OSS. Every object is contained in a bucket. This topic describes how to delete a bucket.

  • Before you delete a bucket, you must delete all objects in the bucket, LiveChannel objects, and fragments generated by multipart uploads. For more information about deleting a LiveChannel object, see LiveChannel.
  • To delete a bucket in which incomplete multipart upload tasks exist, you must first call listUploads and abortMultipartUpload to cancel the tasks.

The following code provides an example on how to call deleteBucket to delete a specified bucket:

let OSS = require('ali-oss');

let client = new OSS({
  region: '<Your region>',
  accessKeyId: '<Your AccessKeyId>',
  accessKeySecret: '<Your AccessKeySecret>'

async function deleteBucket() {
  try {
    const result = await client.deleteBucket('your bucket name');
  } catch (err) {


For more information about how to delete a bucket, see DeleteBucket.