Before you optimize your storage, you must understand the performance profile of each service load and measure performance data such as IOPS and throughput.

Alibaba Cloud storage services provide various storage optimization solutions for different scenarios because no solution applies to all scenarios. Therefore, when you assess your storage requirements, select different storage solutions based on service loads.

When you categorize data and determine the storage requirements of each service load, consider the following factors:
  • Data size

    The total size of data can help you evaluate the storage capacity and costs.

  • Data access frequency and response time requirements

    Alibaba Cloud provides various storage solutions that are different in prices based on data access frequency and the requirements on response time.

  • Requirements on IOPS and throughput

    Alibaba Cloud provides different storage types based on the requirements on IOPS and throughput. You can select appropriate storage types based on your requirements on IOPS and throughput to avoid unnecessary costs.

  • Importance of data

    Critical or regulated data must be stored securely for extended periods.

  • Data sensitivity

    Highly sensitive data must be protected not only from missing and damages but also from accidental or malicious modification. Data durability and security are equally important as storage costs.