You can use blur parameters to blur a source image stored in Object Storage Service (OSS). This topic describes the parameters and examples to blur an image.


Operation name: blur

The following table describes the parameters that you can configure to blur an image.

Parameter Required Description Valid value
r Yes Specifies the blur radius. [1,50]

A greater value indicates a blurrier image.

s Yes Specifies the standard deviation of a normal distribution. [1,50]

A greater value indicates a blurrier image.


You can process images by using object URLs, OSS SDKs, or API operations. In this example, object URLs are used. For more information about how to use OSS SDKs and API operations to process images, see IMG implementation modes.

An image in the bucket named oss-console-img-demo-cn-hangzhou in the China (Hangzhou) region is used in the following examples. The following URL is used to access the image over the Internet:

If you set the r parameter to 3 and the s parameter to 2, the URL used to process the image is in the following format:,r_3,s_22