OSS SDK for Android has two types of exceptions: ClientException and ServiceException.


A ClientException indicates an exception that occurs when a client sends a request or transmit data to OSS. For example, a ClientException is returned when a request is sent under poor network conditions. A ClientException is also returned when an I/O exception occurs during object upload.


A ServiceException indicates a server error that is resolved from a server error message. A ServiceException includes the error code and message returned by OSS so that you can identify and resolve the error.

The following table describes the information included in a ServiceException.

Parameter Description
Code The error code returned by OSS.
Message The detailed error message returned by OSS.
RequestId The UUID used to uniquely identify the request. If you need help from OSS development engineers to handle an exception, provide them with the RequestId value.
HostId The ID of the host in the accessed OSS cluster, which is the same as the host ID specified in the request.
rawMessage The raw text of the message body in the HTTP response.

Common error codes

For more information about the common error codes of OSS, see Error responses.