This topic provides answers to some frequently asked questions about DNAT.

How many DNAT entries can I add to a NAT gateway?

By default, you can add up to 100 DNAT entries to a NAT gateway.

You can navigate to the Quota Management page to request a quota increase. For more information, see Manage quotas.

Why am I unable to find an existing EIP from the EIP list when I create a DNAT entry?

Before you create a DNAT entry, make sure that a NAT gateway is created and elastic IP addresses (EIPs) are associated with the NAT gateway. For more information, see Create a DNAT entry on an Internet NAT gateway.

Can I create DNAT entries for ECS instances that are assigned EIPs?


Before you can create DNAT entries for the ECS instances, you must disassociate the EIPs from the ECS instances. For more information, see Disassociate an EIP from a cloud resource and Create a DNAT entry on an Internet NAT gateway.
Note If an ECS instance is associated with an EIP and DNAT is configured for the ECS instance, the ECS instance preferentially uses the associated EIP to communicate with the Internet.