This topic describes the rules that you must take note of when you request a refund for Apsara File Storage NAS.

Refund rules

Billing method Refund condition Refund method
Resource plan
  • The resource plan has not been used to offset resource usage fees.
  • The resource plan was purchased in the last 5 days.
  • The resource plan was not purchased by upgrade or renewal.
Submit a ticket
Subscription You cannot request a refund. N/A
Pay-as-you-go You do not need to request a refund.
Note If you no longer use a NAS file system, you can release the NAS file system. Before you release the NAS file system, you must back up or migrate data from the NAS file system and you must make sure that the release operation does not affect your business. After the NAS file system is released, you are no longer charged for the NAS file system. For more information, see How do I stop being charged for NAS?