This topic describes how to purchase an Apsara File Storage NAS resource plan.


If you purchase a resource plan as a RAM user, you must grant the AliyunNASFullAccess permission on the NAS file system to the RAM user. For more information, see Perform access control based on RAM policies.

Usage notes

The unit price of a General-purpose NAS resource plan is different from the unit price of an Extreme NAS resource plan. You can go to the NAS Pricing page and click Subscription-Pricing to view the pricing details of the resource plans.

Purchase a resource plan

  1. Log on to the NAS console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, click Resource Plans.
  3. On the Resource Plans page, click Purchase Resource Plan.
  4. On the Resource Plan page, set the following parameters of a resource plan, and then click Buy Now.
    Parameter Description
    Resource Plan Type Select a resource plan type based on the storage type of your file system.
    • General-purpose NAS Resource Plan: offsets the storage usage fees of General-purpose NAS file systems.
    • Extreme NAS Resource Plan: offsets the storage usage fees of Extreme NAS file systems.
    Region Select the region where you want to use the resource plan.

    After you specify a region for a resource plan, you can use the resource plan to offset the storage fees of only the NAS file systems that reside in the same region.

    Base Capacity Select the quota of the NAS resource plan. You can use the base capacity to deduct the storage usage fees of a NAS file system.

    You can use the calculator provided by Alibaba Cloud to calculate the amount offset by the resource plans within your account in the current region. This way, you can select appropriate General-purpose or Extreme resource plans based on the current storage usage.

    Quantity Default value: 1.
    Subscription Duration Select a validity period for the resource plan.
  5. Check the resource plan settings, read and select NAS Resource Plan Terms of Service, and then click Pay.
  6. Confirm the order and click Buy.

Call API operations

You can call API operations to manage your resource plans.
Note When you call an API operation, set the ProductCode request parameter to nas.