The following table lists the API operations that are available for use in Apsara File Storage NAS.

Category API Description
Service activation OpenNASService Activates Apsara File Storage NAS
Region DescribeRegions Queries all region IDs.
DescribeZones Queries all zones in a region and file system types that are supported in each zone.
File system CreateFileSystem Creates a file system.
DeleteFileSystem Deletes a file system.
DescribeFileSystems Queries the information of file systems.
ModifyFileSystem Modifies the description of a file system.
UpgradeFileSystem Scales up a file system.
Mount target CreateMountTarget Creates a mount target.
DeleteMountTarget Deletes a mount target.
DescribeMountTargets Queries the information of mount targets.
ModifyMountTarget Modifies a mount target.
DescribeMountedClients Queries the clients on which file systems are mounted.
Permission group CreateAccessGroup Creates a permission group.
DeleteAccessGroup Deletes a permission group.
DescribeAccessGroups Queries the information of permission groups.
ModifyAccessGroup Modifies a permission group.
CreateAccessRule Creates a rule for a permission group.
DeleteAccessRule Deletes a rule from a permission group.
DescribeAccessRules Queries the information of rules.
ModifyAccessRule Modifies a rule in a permission group.
Extreme NAS snapshot CreateSnapshot Creates a snapshot.
CreateAutoSnapshotPolicy Creates an automatic snapshot policy.
ApplyAutoSnapshotPolicy Applies an automatic snapshot policy to one or more file systems.
DeleteSnapshot Deletes a specified snapshot.
CancelAutoSnapshotPolicy Removes automatic snapshot policies from one or more file systems.
DeleteAutoSnapshotPolicy Deletes an automatic snapshot policy.
DescribeSnapshots Queries all snapshots of a file system.
DescribeAutoSnapshotPolicies Queries the details of automatic snapshot policies.
ModifyAutoSnapshotPolicy Modifies an automatic snapshot policy.
DescribeAutoSnapshotTasks Queries the details of automatic snapshot tasks.
ResetFileSystem Rolls back a file system from a snapshot.
Lifecycle management CreateLifecyclePolicy Creates a lifecycle management policy.
DescribeLifecyclePolicies Queries lifecycle management policies.
DeleteLifecyclePolicy Deletes a lifecycle management policy.
ModifyLifecyclePolicy Modifies a lifecycle management policy.
CreateLifecycleRetrieveJob Creates a data retrieval task.
ListLifecycleRetrieveJobs Queries data retrieval tasks.
ListDirectoriesAndFiles Queries subdirectories or files in a specified directory of a General-purpose NAS file system.
GetDirectoryOrFileProperties Queries the details of files that are dumped from a specified directory to an Infrequent Access (IA) storage medium.
CancelLifecycleRetrieveJob Cancels a data retrieval task that is in the Running state.
RetryLifecycleRetrieveJob Runs a data retrieval task that is in the Failed state.
Recycle bin EnableRecycleBin Enables the recycle bin feature for a General-purpose NAS file system.
DisableAndCleanRecycleBin Disables the recycle bin feature for a General-purpose NAS file system and empties the recycle bin.
UpdateRecycleBinAttribute Modifies the data retention period for the recycle bin of a specified General-purpose NAS file system.
GetRecycleBinAttribute Queries the configurations of the recycle bin of a specified General-purpose NAS file system.
CreateRecycleBinRestoreJob Retrieves files from the recycle bin.
CreateRecycleBinDeleteJob Permanently deletes files or directories from the recycle bin.
CancelRecycleBinJob Cancels a running task of the recycle bin.
ListRecycleBinJobs Queries tasks of the recycle bin.
ListRecycledDirectoriesAndFiles Queries deleted files or directories.
ListRecentlyRecycledDirectories Queries the directories from which files are recently deleted.

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