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Mobile Testing:Features

Last Updated:Mar 23, 2022

Expert testing

  • Mobile Testing provides customized testing services to help you ensure the compatibility, functionality, and performance of apps.

  • Mobile Testing provides comprehensive test reports. A test report describes issues that are detected in the test and provides cause analysis and other key information.

  • Mobile Testing can complete a test task within 48 hours after your requirement is confirmed.

  • Mobile Testing provides dedicated 24/7 technical support to help you understand the testing process and resolve issues at the earliest opportunity.

Compatibility testing

  • Mobile Testing supports Android, iOS, and HarmonyOS apps.

  • Mobile Testing supports preset scripts. This allows you to use a script to log on to an app and go to a specific business scenario.

  • Mobile Testing supports overwrite installation testing of up to three historical versions of each app.

  • Mobile Testing allows you to detect crashes and application not responding (ANR) errors and analyze and identify call stack errors.

  • Mobile Testing can use topology traversals to help reproduce issues.

Functional testing

  • Mobile Testing supports Appium, which is a widely used testing framework in the industry.

  • Mobile Testing provides online visual recording to automatically generate use case scripts.

  • Mobile Testing provides analysis of issues from multiple perspectives, including test videos, functional test cases, call stacks of crashes and ANR errors, step screenshots, and performance data.

Performance testing

  • Mobile Testing supports six performance metrics: CPU utilization (%), memory usage (MB), frame rate (frames per second), jank, big jank, and network bandwidth consumption (KB/s).

  • Mobile Testing allows you to compare the current performance data with historical baseline performance data and identify issues such as performance degradation.

Remote debugging

  • Mobile Testing provides a large number of remote devices. You can manage these remote devices in the web console for debugging.

    • Root permissions are disabled for all Android devices.

    • All iOS devices run non-cracked versions.