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Mobile Testing:Create a parameter group

Last Updated:Feb 28, 2022



Step 1: On the Use Cases page of the specified app, click the Parameter Pools tab.

Step 2: Select a use case library version from the Use Case Library Version drop-down list or use the default version.


Use case library versions must be configured in advance. For more information, see Create a use case library version.

Step 3: Click Create Parameter Group to open the Create Parameter Group dialog box.

Create Parameter Group

Step 4: In the Create Parameter Group dialog box, set Parameter Group Name.

The following table describes the parameters.



Parameter Group Name

The name of the parameter group. This name is unique to identify the parameter group.

The name must be a string.

The name must be 2 to 15 characters in length.

The name can contain letters, digits, and underscores (_).

Step 5: Click OK to save the parameter group information.

The created parameter group is displayed in the left-side list.

Show Parameter Group