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Usage introduction

Last Updated: Sep 23, 2021

MSA has the following requirements for the reinforced APK or AAB file. Read the following instructions before using MSA for a better experience.

  • Confirm that the content of onCreate of the provider can be executed multiple times. If there is related logic in onCreate, make sure it can be executed twice or more. For example, if the singleton is initialized in onCreate of the provider, you need to determine whether the instance has been initialized.
  • Confirm the setting of minSdkVersion. The recommended setting is below 23. When minSdkVersion is < 23, MSA compresses and stores nativeLibraries in the APK file by default. If the minSdkVersion of your APK or AAB file is ≥ 23, nativeLibraries (so) in the APK or AAB file will not be compressed. If you need to set minSdkVersion ≥ 23, you can choose one of the following two methods:
    • Add android:extractNativeLibs="true" to the node property of application.
    • Repackage the reinforced APK or AAB file, and set whether compression is required according to your own rules.