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Mobile Platform as a Service:Synchronize API

Last Updated:Apr 26, 2021

You can use this function to synchronize the APIs in the current workspace to other workspaces.

  • To ensure the system stability, only the API configuration that doesn’t exist in the target workspace is synchronized.
  • After synchronization, the system will automatically load the configuration and bring it into force.


  1. Log in to the mPaaS console, and from the navigation bar on the left, click Mobile Gateway Service.
  2. On the Manage APIs tab, click More > Sync API.
  3. In the Basic info area, select to synchronize the API configuration of the current workspace to the Target workspace.
  4. Select the Status after sync:
    • Unchanged: Keep the same API configuration as that in the current workspace.
    • All closed: After synchronization, the API configuration is set as closed.
  5. In the Select API area, select the API to be synchronized.
  6. Click OK to start API synchronization.


When the configuration is successfully synchronized, an Alert pops up on the current page to show the synchronization result.