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Page analysis

Last Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Page analysis displays the data about the visited pages in the app.

View page analysis report

To check the page analysis report, complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to the Alibaba Cloud console, select Products and Services > Mobile PaaS, and then select your target app.

  2. On the left navigation bar, click Mobile Analysis Service > Basic analysis.

  3. On the Page analysis tab, specify the platform, version, and time for data analysis. Then, you can see the page analysis report.

Indicators and charts

Through the page analysis report, you can view the analysis data of all pages in the app. Page analysis result is presented through charts. For more information about the indicator calculation rule, see Basic indicator calculation rule.

  • Hover your mouse cursor on the question mark of an indicator (tooltip), and you can see the description and calculation rule of the indicator.

  • The statistical data is based on the historical daily aggregation. The daily aggregate result of all statistical items is stored in the database, and the data of the current day is not taken into aggregation.

Page analysis overview

  • Users: Count the devices (deduplicated by device ID) visiting the current page.

  • Accounts: Count the users (deduplicated by user ID) visiting the current page.


    Users who don't log in to the app are not taken into account.

  • PV: Total page views of the current page.

  • Exit rate: Proportion of counts that users exit from app from the current page to the total PVs on the current page.

    Exit rate = (total non-deduplicated PVs on the current page - non-deduplicated PVs with current page as source page)/total PVs on the current page.

  • Average time on page: Total time on the current page divided by total PVs on the current page.

Page analysis details

Click the target page to view the detailed data.

Page view overview

Display the PV (toal page views) and UV (deduplicated page views), with day-on-day and week-on-week ratios.

Page view trend

Display the PVs in the past 7 days, with the PV trend shown in the form of line chart.

Page traffic

Indicate where a specific page comes from and goes to. Based on the pid and the refer fields, the chart shows the proportion of users from each source page to all source pages as well as the proportion of users going to each downstream page to all downstream pages.