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Introduction to gateway management

Last Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Gateway management includes the following operations:

Function switch

The function switch works globally. You can temporarily enable or disable all API related functions on demand.

Signature verification

Implement signature verification on the requests from client to mobile gateway to verify the callers’ identity to ensure safety. It is On by default.

Limit API traffic

Besides limiting the access to a specific API, MGS supports setting the API default traffic limit and the total traffic limit on the whole app to avoid the backend server from being overwhelmed during at request peak. If both the API default traffic limit and the app-level traffic limit are configured at the same time, they will be processed in order according to the limits, and the configuration with smaller limit will take precedence.

API Mock

Mock the returned value of a certain API to provide specific response. It is Off by default.

API authorization

Verify the legality of the client request before MGS routing the request to the backend business system, if the verification passes, the request is approved to proceed. This function defaults to OFF.

See API authorization for more information.

Data encryption

Encrypt the requests from client to mobile gateway to ensure the data security during transmission. It is Off by default. Currently, the supported encryption algorithms are ECC and RSA. This function must be used in combination with the client. If the data encryption method you set here differs from the client’s, the gateway might fail to parse the requests from the client.

For specific configuration, see Encrypt data.


CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) controls the cross-origin access as per the rules. If cross-origin request is required, please configure this rule.

See Cross-Origin Resource Sharing for more information.

Customize result code

Gateway result codes have default prompt text. You can also customize the result code prompts based on actual requirement.

On the Manage gateway tab page, click Customize result code to go to the customization page.

Operation log

Record and display configuration staff’s operations on the gateway, thus making it convenient for the customers to trace back.

Common tools

Trace analysis can analyze TraceId and parse the corresponding time and gateway server.