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Mobile Platform as a Service:Instructions on accessing server

Last Updated:Apr 07, 2021

To access your business system to Mobile Sync Service (MSS) server, you must complete the following two steps:

  1. Integrate service with Java SDK and compile calling codes: Use Java SDK for access. According to different requirements, the calling codes can be written in two modes: single data synchronization API and global data synchronization API.
  2. Verify user consistency: This verification is generally used in scenarios with high user security requirements for data synchronization.


You should complete the following preparations before accessing the MSS server:

  • You have completed the following operations: Activate mPaaS and Obtain AccessKey ID and Secret from the tenant administrator.
  • You have created an App and obtained the appId and workspaceId of the App.
  • You have a server-side application.
  • You have completed the Maven configuration.